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I love to point out the hypocrisy, irrationality and extremes of politics, from either side. Everybody has a position, but it is funny to observe how many people see themselves as being fair minded and unbiased, but anybody who disagrees with them must somehow be extreme. And everybody, I don’t care whether they are on the right or the left, thinks their position to be morally superior than anybody else’s. This is what I like to parody in my cartoons, these people are so easy to make fun of!

I’m not going to hide my slanting. Should you read even a few of my cartoons, you’ll know immediately that I am a free market conservative. I won’t waste time here to explain how I came to be so, only I’ll invite you to read my commentaries and you’ll soon get it.

My biggest reasoning is this: Freedom includes free markets. Once you begin to erode free markets, other freedoms will quickly follow suit, including speech, religion, assembly. History has proven this to be the case, over and over again.

Now that my soapbox speech is over, I should use the remainder of this space to brag on my credentials. Why am I qualified to create political cartoons for your newspaper, blog or magazine? It starts with excellence. I am a degreed professional illustrator whose work has appeared in Centennial Review, The Denver Post, Columbia University, Pearson Education Press, Independence Institute’s blog, Bedford St. Martin’s Everything’s an Argument, and several independent political campaigns. Of course, I’m looking to expand. So, if you happen to work at World Magazine, National Review, Independent Journal, The Weekly Standard, Heritage Foundation, The American Spectator, or any of the other awesome conservative rags, please give me a call and we’ll discuss the awesomeness of having one of my cartoons in your publications.


“Benjamin is a talented illustrator and insightful cartoonist, too. A great member of the Colorado Alliance of Illustrators for many years now, in addition to producing beautiful children’s books and paintings with also extremely multi-talented wife Cherish. I look forward to seeing more politixcartoons at the .com and in papers and magazines!”

–Che’ Rippinger, Relationship Humorist
Colorado Alliance of Illustrators, president

Playgirl Cartoonist, The Denver Post columnist/illustrator/

“Benjamin Hummel possesses the single most important characteristic required of an editorial cartoonist: a passion for the issues. His point of view is never in doubt. When you add a sense of humor, a feel for irony and fine-tuned art skills, you have here a cartoonist worth your attention.”

–Mike Keefe, Pulitzer Prize winning Denver Post Cartoonist

“Finally, an editorial cartoonist who leans right, lives his faith, sees the funny side of politics, and can draw. Conservatives are going to like Ben’s pen.”

— John Andrews
Former President, Colorado Senate
Director, Centennial Institute

We are honored to have Ben Hummel of Politix Cartoons on board with us. Ben is blessed with tremendous talent and creativity and we look forward to a chuckle every Friday courtesy of Ben.

Jon Caldara
President, Independence Institute


Here I am, presenting my cartoon to Tom Tancredo.