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From Ritter’s Pen

Overprotecting our Children

Romanoff’s Grand Dream

Colorado Constitution

Cat Obedience School

I have concluded, after much observation, that my cat must be a liberal. The campaign sticker she totes around that says “Obama is Purrrrrrfect” was probably a dead give away, but long before that she showed other ominous signs.

To start, no matter how hard I try, I cannot get her to do her chores. We all live under the same roof, yet the laundry doesn’t get done and the dishes remain unwashed. The least she can do is clean her own box, for crying out loud! I’ve spoken to her at length of the importance of hard work, but she looks at me with those sad eyes and begs for more food. That’s what she wants. Handouts. Never mind I did the work. Never mind I pay for the food. She is content to mooch off of my successes to her benefit. Equal distribution is her model. She sleeps all the time and expects to be rewarded for it.

I won’t even mention health care. If she gets sick, who foots the bill? Me. She won’t get a job to pull her own weight, so in our household, her socialized medicine is subsidized by my paycheck.

If my cat cannot get her way, she takes to the hallways and riots. She vandalizes my property with her claws in attempt to make her views known. She will not engage me in debate over these issues.

I can’t toss her out on the streets, that would not be “compassionate.” And so our system remains broken as she benefits and I pay.

It is frustrating, for I feel there is a communication gap lying therein. I don’t understand it. She has lived with us for three years now, yet she refuses to learn the language. She won’t even attempt. She is living under my roof taking benefit of my handouts, but she won’t assimilate. If only there was a class I could send her to, English as a Second Language. Perhaps once her English is mastered, I can begin to indoctrinate her in the principles of Reagan Conservatism.

Rush Hour

Ritter’s House of Illusions

Sworn Enemies

Bill H.R. 5889/Bill S. 2913—PLEASE OPPOSE!

The issue that this cartoon addresses is hugely critical to the possible future careers of artists everywhere and it must be opposed. The vote on the bill is coming up very shortly and I encourage every one of you to write/fax/email/call your representatives and beseech them not to vote for this bill. I do not want to have to rely on George Bush, who doesn’t know what the veto pen is for, to have to nullify it.

The issue is about weakening copyright protections for artists. Interestingly enough, Microsoft and Google are behind the bill. There are enough politicians behind the bill on both sides of the aisle, that I wonder if any there is any nefarious activities going on between them and Google/Microsoft. It is receiving bipartisan support, and those in favor should not be reelected. The bill legalizes the theft of intellectual property, and it will remove from artists the ability to make a living. If this bill passes, don’t think it will stop with the art industry. It will move forward to the music industry, the writing industry, eventually every creative industry. The end result will be a society that is content with artistic mediocrity, as true artists will simply find other ways to make a living.

For more information on this bill, click here and take the following actions. If you wish to download the high res version of this cartoon to include with your letter, I authorize the right to do so. This issue is of utmost importance. ACT TODAY!

Politix on the Walls!

Join Benjamin Hummel and politixcartoons as he partners with the Colorado Alliance of Illustrators and their 18th Annual Members’ Show.

See your favorite cartoons on the wall in a gallery setting.

Opening Exhibit: Fri. May 2, 2008 >> 6-9pm
Cost: Free

AIGA Colorado, Art Director’s Club of Denver and the New Denver Ad Club have
all partnered together this year to sponsor, promote and recognize Colorado
illustrators. Please join us in supporting our local talent May 02 for an exhibit of CAI’s members work in two galleries. Beverages and snacks will be served to help those critiques and networking going.

Ink Lounge Gallery + Anam Cara Living Arts Studio and Gallery
Studios H & B on Block 7 in Belmar
445 South Saulsbury Street
Lakewood, CO 80226

Man Made Disaster

Announcing Great News!

You may have noticed a new logo on the top of my blog recently. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that I have been accepted into the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists. This is a national trade organization and it requires scrutiny to get into. Supposedly I’m good enough to hang with the “big boys,” and I attribute a lot of this to the support of people like you. Thank you for your continued support as we anticipate further politixcartoons growth!

Conjuring Charlton Heston’s Ghost

Bureaucratic Oversight

A Call for Transparency

Perpetual Limbo

I really do not like the TSA. Granted, they are doing their best to protect us in these perilous times, but along with finger nail clippers, knitting needles and vials of sunscreen, common sense seems to have been thrown out.

Every new restriction lasts through eternity, which makes me cringe with each new one. What is our threat level now, ochre? Could I please have my shaving cream back? And what’s the deal about not letting friends or relatives accompany you to the gate? The terrorists were all paying customers!

Health professionals tell us to drink plenty of fluids while traveling. But you can’t bring fluids across the security lines and the airlines no longer serve beverages for free! The only way to maintain good health while cramped in your 2′ x 2′ space is to purchase the super inflated beverages on the other side of the security check in. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, a few undercover studies have shown that handguns and other legitimate weapons still somehow make it through the security check ins. And what a shame, I no longer can defend myself with my sunscreen.

Guest Editorial by Tommy Hummel

Green Lands

We are all familiar with the term “Green” as in “to go green,” the current push toward environmental preservation. The use of the word “green” has now taken on many different connotations. It is a word used to evoke images of nature and wildlife, specifically, green wildlife. It is ironic that the word seems to ignore the many other environments on this planet that are not green at all and that would actually be polluted or grossly changed were they to become so (e.g. deserts, the ocean, and the arctic). Still, when people think about environments that they want to visit, they picture lush tropical islands or deciduous forests and so, naturally, this image would create a more emotional draw than had environmentalists created the slogan, “Go Brown!” (though the deserts would benefit).

Colorado Rockies Opening Day, 2008

Eminent Domain

Happy Easter!