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This is your friendly cartoonist here! The book “Politix Cartoons Anthology, the 100 Best Cartoons of 2004-2009, e-book” is finally finished and ready for digital download.

You may purchase this wonderful collection of my greatest cartoons by going here.

In addition, the first 10 people to buy the book will receive an autographed print of their choice for free! 

Green Energy

So let’s see if I have this straight. The green energy company Solyndra receives tons of money from the stimulus as part of the green jobs initiative. A few months later they go bankrupt. Where did the money go? Not sure, but we find out later that Solyndra contributed to Obama’s election campaign. Something’s not right with this picture, but the complacent media seems all too eager to sweep it under the rug.

Imagine if this was reversed. Suppose Bush earmarked through tax payer dollars a ton of money to some oil company who then gave it back to his election campaign before going bankrupt. The American media would go nuts, the American people would be outraged, and both would be right in doing so. Yet, in the case of Solyndra, we barely get a yawn.

What’s the difference? Is it because Obama is a Democrat, and therefore untouchable? Is it because Solyndra is a Green Energy company, so somehow their actions are divine and holy?

I’m all for standards. But double standards I can’t stand.

Tebow Nation

Mysteriously, I find I am suddenly a Jet’s fan.

Stabbing Words

This cartoon depicts in a visual and somewhat comical way how it sometimes is when I say something I don’t mean. It’s as if the moment it leaves my mouth I enter into this slow-motion, surreal twilight-zone reality, as I grasp at those words, desparate to bring them back in. I know they are hurtful words and the moment they impale the victim, I feel wretchedly for it.

If you’ve ever felt this way, please, do not wait, go to whomever you’ve hurt and ask for forgiveness. If you need help, give them a card. If you want, give them this card.



I titled this cartoon “Upgrade” because I think that is the big question. If Peyton Manning signs with the Broncos, will it be an upgrade for him? Will it be an upgrade for Denver?

I love this whole saga. Listening to both sides hash it out has become quite entertaining, and the storyline is leaving us at the edge of our seats. Can’t get enough. Personally, I really don’t have a strong opinion one way or another. Twitter has several tweeting heads who are convinced that Manning is a has been, a bag of bones. Perhaps he is. But why are there so many teams clammering to get him then? Others question why you would trade the media darling Tim Tebow for Peyton Manning. Well, for one, Manning does bring his own media clout with him.

I am a huge Tebow fan, but I’m also a Broncos fan. I recognize that should Manning pick Denver, Tebow is probably heading to Jacksonville. Good for him. I know that’s his hometown and I hope he does well, wherever he ends up. Elway thinks that Manning is our ticket to the Superbowl. Who knows? I guess that’s the big question mark. What is the better upgrade?

Neurons Not Firing

Illustrating in a humorous way how my brain sometimes works.



Blame a Republican

When I listen to the Media, Occupy Wallstreeters, and hard-core Liberals, all I hear is that the Republicans are to blame for everything! Can’t get a job, must be the Republicans’ fault. Don’t like the weather? Must be the Republicans’ fault. Sick of paying high gas prices? That’s definitely a Republicans’ fault, because they want to mine for domestic oil! Have an ingrown toe nail? Somehow that’s the Republicans’ fault as well.

What’s really frustrating is that we have a “blame-Republicans” president. With a Democrat congress, he’s had practically carte blanch for all his ideas for his first two years, yet every time he gets up to speak, he never talks about the issues, it’s always the Republicans fault. Remember, your misery is to be tied to the Republican party and nothing else. If you sit on your bum, smoke pot and can’t afford to buy a trip to Europe, remember class, who we are to blame?





I debated on whether or not I wanted to go through with this cartoon. I know it’s going to cause controversy, and believe it or not, despite being a political cartoonist, I really don’t like controversy. What pushed me over the edge were the multiple cartoons out there equating Santorum as being the leader of the Crusades, here to chop off your head if you don’t accept his religion. What a bunch of inflammatory nonsense! And while the Catholic church does have the stain of the Crusades as part of their history, many, many more Christians and Catholics lost their lives from Roman times to present day, due only to their faith.

These recent attacks on Santorum are not really aimed at him, but at Christianity in general. They are quite telling. According to a number of Liberals I’ve talked with, if you proclaim your faith, it’s ramming it down people’s throats. Therefore, equating Christians to all kinds of horrible activities is justified. Yet, they wouldn’t dare say those kinds of things against the Muslim faith, even though some jihadists will kill you if you don’t accept their faith.

But the most frustrating thing of all is the legislation Obama passed that would force Catholic organizations to provide abortion and contraceptive services to their employees, despite their moral objections. What’s frustrating is not that Obama did this, for he has shown his true colors by now, but that many of my friends are saying this is an issue of freedom. By not forcing the organization to provide contraceptives is denying the employees their freedom, thus this legislation was necessary. Huh?

The choice of what the organization provides as compensation, paid or in benefits, to its employees, should be up to that organization. That’s freedom folks! Freedom is allowing everybody their choice, including the so-called big guy. It’s the employers company, the employer’s money, the employer’s risk and the employee freely chooses to work there. Nobody is forcing that employee to work there. If they don’t agree with the company’s moral standards, then find another job. Santorum had it right. By forcing Catholic organizations to provide contraceptive services, it’s the government forcing its belief system on the church! Liberals get so worked up about the imaginary “Wall of Separation,” yet if they want to have this wall, then they need to be willing to keep their liberal government out of the church as well.

I’m not a Catholic, and I rarely get offended, but this past week has been very instructive about how people really view the church. And let me tell you, some of the talk has been scary. Religious freedom in America is on attack, and that’s really what this cartoon is about.

Crossing the Aisle

I originally created this cartoon three years ago. It never made it to my blog for some reason, but considering all the craziness in Washington right now, today seemed as good as any to put it in.



Here’s a new Hummel heights cartoon for your enjoyment! Be sure to order a copy of the Hummel Heights book when it comes out.

Big Changes Coming… And a Book

I don’t have a cartoon for you today, but I’m working on two, and I promise they will be good ones.

But I wanted to let you know of some upcoming positive changes coming to this site within the next few weeks, changes that will indicate future increased activities on this blog, which I’m sure will thrill all 17 of you.

The first big change isn’t really a change but a huge announcement. I’m currently working on my first anthology cartoon book. This is huge. Literally, it’s over 175 pages and is packed with the best commentary and cartoons up to 2009. The cover preview is shown here to the left. The electronic version of the book will be ready within the next few weeks or so available for purchase. All the details for purchasing will be on a future blog post. Please consider buying. If you like these cartoons, purchasing this book will ensure that I can pay my bills so I can continue to entertain you. The electronic version is a steal deal for what you get.

The printed version will be released when we get enough preorders made. But check this out: if you buy the electronic version, at any time, you can take the money you spent on the electronic version and put it toward your purchase of the printed version. How way cool is that? Just check the box “interested in printed copy” at check-out when you order the e-version.

Second bit of news is that PolitixCartoons.com will be switching over to a new WordPress theme. The current theme is very limiting and does not allow me to customize my site according to the Politix brand. The new theme will be much easier to use and navigate, however, for a few days, it may be down or look a little weird until all of the programming issues can be resolved. Please bear with us as we make this transition.

This new theme will allow me to partition an area on the site dedicated solely to Hummel Heights. I know that there is a growing popularity for Hummel Heights and people are anxious to learn more about the adventures of Nick and Jake, without having to wade through a bunch of politicky stuff. This new section will give them instant access. I hope, as time allows, to provide plenty of new material to keep everybody happy.

Exciting stuff, I’m glad you can be a part of this ride.

911 Tribute Illustration


By Brian T. Kennedy
 At sunset on Sept. 12, 2011, friends from the campus and community gathered on CCU’s central quad to reflect on lessons of the decade since jihadists struckthe U.S. homeland. This was the keynote address:

Off The Grid

Baggage Handler

I didn’t even mention Jeremiah Wright, Saul Alinsky, or any of his other associations. I also didn’t mention Obama’s wanton disregard for the rule of law and the constitutional process, appointing czars who write legislation without the consent of Congress. Also included in the list of abuses are his executive orders and his so-called recess appointments, too important to wait for congress, says he, in defense of them. If they were really that important, don’t you think he would be able to get them through a left leaning congress?

What’s also disgusting is the way the left and the media will turn a blind eye to these aforementioned charges, while they work to completely destroy any Republican they perceive as a threat… but never on policy, only on trumped up allegations and character assassinations. Look at how viciously they attacked Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain. I fear to think about what they’ll do to Rick Santorum, now that he’s showing some promise.

Should be an interesting election season.




Tiny Tim

Usually this time of year, I’ll do a cartoon about how we are losing our right to celebrate publically the spiritual meaning of Christmas. But this year, I simply could not pass up the glaringly obvious play on words with Tim Tebow and Tiny Tim.

While it may appear so at first glance, I’m not knocking Tebow. If you have followed previous columns, I’m actually an unabashed fan of Tebow’s and I’m very thankful that the Broncos organization finally gave Tebow his chance. Sure, he looks shaky in the passing game, but I think that’s something that will improve with time and game practice.

What’s really fascinating to watch is the national response to Tebow. He is a man of conviction. He’s somebody who is not ashamed of his beliefs nor is he afraid to espouse them, something that’s rare in today’s politically correct age. And because of this, he has raving fans on one side and haters on the other. Outspoken people, like Tebow, do not elicit nonresponses. You either love him or hate him.

I listened to some of the rhetoric being said about Tebow. One lady called in the radio station and lambasted Tebow for using the public airways to proclaim Christianity. She said that the public airways needs to be guarded against religious speech as it has no place on television or the radio. Soooo… according to her, free speech only applies to inside your home. Or perhaps religious speech doesn’t fall under the banner of free speech. Not quite sure, never really understood that logic.

Another crazy item to observe is the disparity between how Republicans verses Democrats respond to Tebow. According to a Public Policy Poll, Tebow is viewed favorably by 68% of Republicans but only 39% of Democrats. (source: http://www.denverpost.com/sports/ci_19610585) Sarah Palin even came out with her own endorsement of Tebow. I’m trying to figure out why that many Democrats don’t like Tebow. Do they not like faith? Miracles? Work ethic? Buzz cuts?

Certainly, many of the wins have been nothing short of miraculous. I really don’t think God cares who wins football games. And I don’t think that it is a measure of who has more praying fans. But I do know that God honors those who give Him the glory. And if Tebow winning accomplishes that feat, watch out America.

I’m hoping that the Broncos, my preferred team, starts winning with a little dominance here soon. A playoff run would be nice. Although, since I didn’t predict they would win more than four games this year, what they have already accomplished is more than beyond my expectations. This has been a fabulous ride.


Gotta love it. So the Democrats win this time in Colorado and they win big. With no pretense, the create a map that will replace key Republican seats with Democrat seats, by oozing in Democrat strongholds into other districts and lumping together Republican districts. The whole process they took was disgusting, and of course, it was upheld by our liberal supreme court.

Not that gerrymandering is anything new. Republicans do the same thing when it’s their turn, but this takes it to a whole new level. That’s why party does matter. You may like a particular candidate that doesn’t necessarily share all of your world view. But if he/she is in office when redistricting comes around, the state changes its makeup for the next ten years.

Goodbye lovely purple-ly red Colorado. Hello blue Colorado. Has nobody learned anything from Michigan?

Happy Thanksgiving

One of my classics… now in color! Enjoy your holiday weekend and remember to give thanks for the bounty of living in America.

Freedom’s Thoughts on Immigration

Sorry, no cartoon. I’ll work on that as I have time, but in the meantime, I have purposefully remained very quiet on this issue of illegal immigration, the biggest reason being that you will not find me being as hard lined about the issue as many of my conservative friends. The problem is not the immigrants, it’s the criminal element behind it, and like all issues, I’m not sure either side is honestly addressing the problem fully.

I believe the best way to solve the problem of illegal immigration is to inject capitalism into the Mexican economy. Many Hispanics I’ve talked to would prefer to stay in Mexico if their government wasn’t so corrupt and the opportunities that exist here would also exist there. The problem with Mexico is that its quasi socialist experiement has demonstrated exactly what socialism will lead to, forcing the people to want to flee. I would too, and should we be so hard on them for doing so?

When they do come to America, they exhibit a work ethic that’s unparalleled. They do the work that Americans are “too important” to do, without complaining, making ends meet, all the while sending paychecks back to Mexico. This, while Americans collect unemployment.

As Milton Friedman observed, the problem with illegal immigration is not the immigration, but when they end up falling into one of our welfare systems. Of course, that’s actually kind of the problem with America in general.

Why don’t we do in Mexico what we’ve done in China? Let’s establish our factories down there, make trade across the border easy and attractive and watch what happens to our immigration problem as good jobs return to Mexico. Eventually the people will demand government clean up its act and perhaps we could start a positive change in that broken land.

Don’t get me wrong, we still need to do a better job making sure drug lords and terrorists don’t stream across our border, but we figured it out on the Canadian side.

Granted, my feelings are probably too simplistic and there’s probably much more to it than little me can truly conceive, but they are my thoughts and this is my blog. And speaking of thoughts, I wrote the following the other night about English as a second language. Although this blog is already dangerously too long, I still think you might find it enlightening.


There is a movement out there trying to establish English as the official language of America. I think this is a stupid movement. I am vehemently against it. It would be a waste of tax payer dollars to even debate this in committee. It’s anti-freedom, and personally, I think it’s anti American.

America is a land of immigrants. The British just happened to be the most predominant people group, thereby establishing English as the main language of the colonies (although the French had Louisiana. I don’t remember Thomas Jefferson requiring the residents ofNew Orleans to make English their language after the LA purchase).

America was not founded as one big boy’s club, but as pockets of culture blending together to form our own unique experience. In this country, you decide what you want to make of yourself. If you choose not to learn the dominant language of America (English), you do so at your own disadvantage. But I’m not going to force that decision on you. That’s YOUR responsibility and undertaking.

However, if a business wants to reach a Spanish speaking demographic, and cater all of its advertising, packaging and editorial content strictly in Spanish, more power to them. If it delays the Hispanic from learning English sooner, then that’s a consequence of a free society. If it creates large pockets of Spanish speaking only areas in our country, then as an English speaker, learn the language or move. That’s how freedom works.

Conversely, if a store owner wants to say he’ll only serve English speaking customers, that’s his RIGHT to do so. It’s HIS store, HIS business, HIS decision, HIS consequences. What I don’t understand is why the ACLU is trying to force him to change his policy. What happened to HIS civil liberties? Why aren’t they defending them? I may disagree with his policy. And if I do, then I won’t shop there. And obviously the large Hispanic shopping base won’t be doing so either. And I can try and persuade him to change his stance. But government and the courts have no right forcing him to change his policy. Once again, we sacrifice freedom in the name of socially acceptable.

Colorado’s Step Into Art History

Have you ever stopped in your tracks and gazed at the beautiful architecture of a nicely crafted building? Have you ever sat and admired a truly gifted fashion designer mix colors and fabrics and patterns together to craft something amazing? If this generally does not describe you, then I can understand why you may not understand the art of Christo. And if this does not describe you, then you do not have artistic sensibilities and should really not be making judgments on the quality of his work.

Personally, I have read and seen pictures of many of Christo’s works with great admiration, wishing only that I was older in age to have had the opportunity to witness them in person. This past Tuesday, I’ve finally been given a chance to do so. After many 15 long years of fighting with the State ofColoradoand other jurisdictions, Christo has finally been given the green light to move forward on his “Over the River” project, the draping of semi-sheer fabrics over the Arkansas River, down near Salida, Colorado.

This is a victory for the State ofColorado. Christo has aged significantly since the start of this process and he does not have many years left. His wife and partner Jean Claude has already passed away. This may be his last project, makingColoradothe only state inAmericato have had TWO Christo art projects, the first one being the Rifle Gap project. This will give the state ofColoradoa prominent place in art history.

Scores of letters have been written in opposition to this project, many filled with half truths and misunderstandings. So, let’s start with the facts. It’s a temporary exhibit. Some letter writers cried about how horrible it would be to block the sun over theArkansas. Two weeks, folks. That’s it. And in my opinion, not enough time. Also, Christo will be using sheer fabrics, creating a luminous quality. More sunshine will flow through this fabric than on a cloudy day!

Some of the letters I have read ignorantly stated that it is a burden that tax payers should not have to face in this economy. Those people need to read Christo’s proposal, for not a dime of tax payer money will be spent on the project. He funds every single project himself, pays for every worker (upwards to 200, and in an economy desperate for jobs, this is a good thing) himself, recycles all material used, and leaves the area a better place. For a financial standpoint, there are simply no grounds on which to oppose it.

Other letter writers have complained that it would stop the rafting industry. Who would want to raft through a covered river? they ask. I would, and I know many, many fans from around the world who would line up in droves to run the rapids under this historic and temporary monument. It would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would not be surprised to see rafting companies selling Christo packages at ridiculous prices.

Overall, if you appreciate his work, you’ll probably be joining me and thousands of others from around the world down in Salida in order to behold this once in a lifetime event. Otherwise, in 2014, it’ll all be over and we can get back to our lives.

The Chicken or the Egg

Usually I would take this time to wax on about some politically charged issue or another. But today, I’m thinking I’ll just post something for the sake of silliness. This toon introduces a new take to the issue of which came first, the chicken or the egg.

Would this work well as a birthday card? I think so and I’ll be working toward that end over the next few weeks. But let me know your thoughts. I always love hearing from you.