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They’re waiting for him to say something…


  1. In describing the battle raging between Barak and Hillary, talk radio show host Jon Caldara used the term “bitch slap.” Immediately there was an overblown outcry by Media Matters, calling the phrase degrading to women, and describing Caldara as having a long history against women.

    Media Matters, which calls themselves nonpartisan, began calling for advertisers to pull their ads from Caldara’s show. Never mind the fact that the term has been used by bloggers and columnists on the left in far greater portions.

    Just another attack on free speech.

  2. Benjamin, you must have been getting your information from Jon Caldara, because it’s factually inaccurate.

    Colorado Media Matters never called for advertisers to pull their ads from Caldara’s radio program. ProgressNow Action, a completely separate organization, took that action after seeing our item noting Caldara’s use of the term.

    Bill Menezes
    Editorial Director
    Colorado Media Matters

  3. ***editor’s note***
    I stand corrected and I apologize. In my haste to get the cartoon finished in a time sensitive manner, I did not double check my facts, and it in no way should be a reflection on Jon Caldara or the Independence Institute. I will work harder in the future to ensure the utmost accuracy in all my cartoons.

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