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A. C. L. Scrooge


  1. Getting offended is a choice. This holds especially true during the Christmas season. It is unfortunate how we can be bullied by a small minority into stripping a globally celebrated holiday from its origins and meaning. I have even seen Santas be banned, and they are supposed to be the secular answer to Christmas.

    Our constitution protects religion and it explicitly states “Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion OR THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF” (emphasis mine). Even if an elected figure publically displays religious expression, I still don’t think that violates the establishment cause. And a private citizen has every right to PUBLICALLY display his religious affinity.

    Listen, I don’t get offended over menorahs, kwanza displays, even pagan winter solstice celebrations. If you get weirded out about a plastic infant in a bed of hay, you’ve got bigger problems.

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