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A Call for Transparency


  1. This is a complicated issue, so bear with me as I try to explain. Shortly after taking office, Bill Ritter imposed a property tax hike that was in direct violation of Colorado’s TAx Payer’s Bill Of Rights. It was done in the name of education. How sweet.

    The Independence Institute filed a lawsuit, challenging Ritter’s decision.

    The State Board of Education met secretly and decided, not unanimously, however, to hire a lawyer to defend Ritter. Given that there were dissenters in this secret, closed door meeting, tax payers want to know who they are, as they will be the ones getting our re-election votes. At this time, the Board is refusing to disclose this information, despite pressure from Bob Schaeffer, the Independence Institute, and the like.

    There, now that you are caught up, you can read more detailed information on the issue by going either to http://www.i2i.org or http://www.facethestate.com.

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