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A Word About Tebow

I can’t resist, and since this blog needs content, I’ll use my forum here to spill out my opinion on the matter.

To start, since Tebow was drafted, I have been scratching my head as to why the Broncos won’t play him.

Before last year started, I put out a facebook post that said, “I can’t see the Broncos winning more than 6 games. Why have a losing season with Orton when you can have a losing season with Tebow and start building for the future?” All across the media and those in the Broncos organization and several die hard Broncos fans gave contradictory predictions. The argument back then was, Orton gives us the best chance to get to the playoffs, we’ll probably be a 12 and 4 team.

Then I watched in horror as the Broncos were decimated and were handed the second worse record in the NFL. Not even the Lions were as bad! The result? One year later, Tim Tebow still hasn’t been allowed to get his NFL feet wet and we are one year behind on building his development. Imagine how much better he would be today, had he started last year at the beginning!

It’s like liberals saying we can’t drill for oil because it won’t solve today’s crisis. True, but what about tomorrow?! Now tomorrow is here and we are regretting having not started a year ago!

Or so I thought. I thought the reason why McDaniels was jettisoned was because we were going to try something different. I thought different looked like Tim Tebow as the starting QB.

“But Kyle Orton has such good numbers!” comes the argument from the anti-Tebow crowd. Okay, let’s take a look at that. Orton had great numbers… in certain areas. But where Orton lacked in performance is what the Broncos needed most: third down conversions and redzone conversions. In essence, on paper, Orton does not finish well.

“Well, you can’t blame Orton for the poor performance of the defense,” comes another argument. Probably not, but by not converting on third downs or in the end zone puts added and unneeded pressure on your defense. You do that all season long, and you’ll wear down even probowl players.

I don’t want to sit and bash Orton. I feel bad for the guy. That’s seriously got to suck to have fans chant your replacement all season. But he’s not the right guy for this job. Denver Broncos football is a scrappy-type football with a lot of pocket movement. It’s the nature of playing at altitude. And currently, it’s our only option with our porous offensive line. Orton is not that type of player. Tebow is. So it confounds me that they wouldn’t put the best fit in with the type of offense we currently are!

John Fox explains he’s in the process to build the type of offense that is better suited for Orton’s skill set and that it should be in place within two to three years. Really? Then why on earth are you keeping Tebow? Trade him to a place where he will excel. I’ll make another prediction. Whichever team puts Tebow as their starter will excel, for a long, long time.

And one more prediction. I don’t care what anybody says, the Broncos are going to suck this year. As last year, I pose the question, why suck with Orton when you can suck with Tebow and start building toward the future?

Now to apply logic to the argument. Here’s what doesn’t make sense to me. Tebow was a first round draft pick. It’s like going out and purchasing a brand new shiny car and immediately garaging it because it’s not “road ready” yet. In the meantime, you spend the next two years driving your old Ford Taurus. You have this great, sexy Audi Quatro sitting in your garage, yet you refuse to drive it! That’s what this whole Tebow issue looks like to me, an outside observer. It doesn’t make any sense.

The other issue that doesn’t make sense is that over 70% of Broncos fans want to see Tebow start. His was the number one jersey sold last year… IN ALL OF NFL! As a business owner, if 70% of my consumers prefer my cherry pie, why on earth would I keep making apple? You will sell more tickets with Tebow. You will sell more merchandise! You will make more money! Does that not matter to you, Mr. Bowlen?

In conclusion, Orton may be a good quarterback. He may even be a great one. But he’s not the right one forDenver. And while I would feel bad benching Orton, we need to start building for the future. Otherwise, please, for Tebow’s sake, let’s trade Tebow to a place where he can be allowed to play and grow into the quarterback he was meant to be and end this controversy, once and for all.

PS Since originally writing this, Orton and the Broncos pulled off a win against the Bengals. My position doesn’t change, however. Tebow has too much raw talent to be sitting on the sideline. If Orton is your man, then trade away Tebow. Otherwise, I’d love to see Tebow start taking the snap for the Denver Broncos.

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