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Big Changes Coming… And a Book

I don’t have a cartoon for you today, but I’m working on two, and I promise they will be good ones.

But I wanted to let you know of some upcoming positive changes coming to this site within the next few weeks, changes that will indicate future increased activities on this blog, which I’m sure will thrill all 17 of you.

The first big change isn’t really a change but a huge announcement. I’m currently working on my first anthology cartoon book. This is huge. Literally, it’s over 175 pages and is packed with the best commentary and cartoons up to 2009. The cover preview is shown here to the left. The electronic version of the book will be ready within the next few weeks or so available for purchase. All the details for purchasing will be on a future blog post. Please consider buying. If you like these cartoons, purchasing this book will ensure that I can pay my bills so I can continue to entertain you. The electronic version is a steal deal for what you get.

The printed version will be released when we get enough preorders made. But check this out: if you buy the electronic version, at any time, you can take the money you spent on the electronic version and put it toward your purchase of the printed version. How way cool is that? Just check the box “interested in printed copy” at check-out when you order the e-version.

Second bit of news is that PolitixCartoons.com will be switching over to a new WordPress theme. The current theme is very limiting and does not allow me to customize my site according to the Politix brand. The new theme will be much easier to use and navigate, however, for a few days, it may be down or look a little weird until all of the programming issues can be resolved. Please bear with us as we make this transition.

This new theme will allow me to partition an area on the site dedicated solely to Hummel Heights. I know that there is a growing popularity for Hummel Heights and people are anxious to learn more about the adventures of Nick and Jake, without having to wade through a bunch of politicky stuff. This new section will give them instant access. I hope, as time allows, to provide plenty of new material to keep everybody happy.

Exciting stuff, I’m glad you can be a part of this ride.

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