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To start, I’m not an economist, so I’m sure I’m not the best to comment on the whole debt ceiling debacle. But it seems to me that the Republicans blew it big time on this one.

In the house, only 50% of the Democrats voted for it, compared to 65% of the Republicans. And 75% of the American public was against the bill that was passed. So when the fallout of this bill is finally realized in November of 2012, it’ll be the Democrats who can then take the high road and say, well, I didn’t vote for it.

What about the balanced budget amendment? Could not the Republicans have fought harder for it? And why on earth would anybody oppose such an amendment? I fail to see how my liberal buddies could object to balancing the federal budget. It’s all about accountability and power. If Congress has to be accountable to the dollars they spend, one, they’ll have less power, and two, there will be less waste. Who could be against that (except for those in power)?

I see the Republicans speak such wonderful things such as “balanced budget,” and “cutting spending,” but at the end of the day, it doesn’t get done. Sure, they were labeled terrorists and hostage takers for wanting certain provisions before raising the debt ceiling. But I didn’t see a whole lot of compromising happening on the Democrat side. And sure, they had an obstructionist Senate that wouldn’t work with them. But the Dems in the Senate would have been just as much to blame, if not more, if something didn’t happen.

In the end, it is always the same. The taxpayer gets hosed. Democrats promise handouts, Republicans promise taxcuts, we don’t really get either.

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