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Leper Con

Because it’s funny, that’s why.


Hold That Thought


Here’s a Hummel Heights cartoon for your mutual enjoyment.

Totally inspired by the way Bill Watterson could tell a complete story by using pictures and visual allegory. That’s my attempt with this. Illustrating it made me smile the whole time.


Hold That Thought



A pictorial depiction of how fleeting our thoughts can sometimes be.

Not Quite the Same in a Minivan

Stabbing Words

This cartoon depicts in a visual and somewhat comical way how it sometimes is when I say something I don’t mean. It’s as if the moment it leaves my mouth I enter into this slow-motion, surreal twilight-zone reality, as I grasp at those words, desparate to bring them back in. I know they are hurtful words and the moment they impale the victim, I feel wretchedly for it.

If you’ve ever felt this way, please, do not wait, go to whomever you’ve hurt and ask for forgiveness. If you need help, give them a card. If you want, give them this card.

Neurons Not Firing

Illustrating in a humorous way how my brain sometimes works.





Here’s a new Hummel heights cartoon for your enjoyment! Be sure to order a copy of the Hummel Heights book when it comes out.

Off The Grid

Judgmental Gossip

What is portrayed here actually took place in the speech of some teenagers I was casually listening in to, though the characters of this toon have been changed to not reflect the kids in any way. Drawing it got me thinking about my own life. It’s easy for me to point the finger and say, yes, this is funny and ironic, but just as truthful is how it applies so poignantly to my own life. How many times have I done exactly the same thing!


Where Smoked Ham Comes From

Okay, so once in a while we can take a break from politics just to be silly. Enjoy!

To Tell the Future

psychic readings

I find it interesting how many of the psychic houses I pass as I drive through Denver make it very clear that you are to set up an appointment. I suppose if you were psychic you could call me ahead of time and tell me not to arrive at 3pm on Tuesday, because that’s when Susan is supposed to drop in.

What makes fortune telling so effective is that they cater to our over inflated egos. Think of the last horoscope or fortune cookie you read. They always read to the effect of, “Everybody ever born between these dates have these exact same traits: you are kind and thoughtful, thinking of others before yourself, generous. Your hard working attitude and your attention to detail is what will allow you to be successful this year. You are the perfect lover, a charmer.” Well, shoot, these psychic people must know what they are talking about, I guess I am hot stuff.

Imagine for a second if the horoscopes actually told the truth. “You are a stuck-up, mean-spirited jerk– oh, and your breath stinks, too.” Well…, you know those horoscopes, can’t really trust them to be accurate.

Of course, the moment today’s seers started telling it like it is becomes the moment they lose business. Which makes me wonder why they charge money in the first place. With abilities like that, you’d think they’d do pretty well in Vegas.

Saving America

While not entirely political, this has got to be one of the funniest cartoons (in my mind) I’ve done recently. Enjoy!

Copland’s Rodeo

History Lesson part 2

Cat Delegation

History Lesson part 1

In Honor of Lent

If you were to give something up, what would it be?

HD Revolution

Coming Home Party

Hard Working Americans