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Thoughts the morning after the Paris attacks

We are at war. By we, I mean anybody who loves freedom. We do not get to choose not to be in this war, it was waged against us. When someone picks a fight with you, you don’t get a choice not to be in the fight. There are two choices: Stand up and defend ourselves, or be destroyed. There is no other choice. These attacks demonstrate once again that there is a such thing as evil in this world, and that evil cannot be compromised with or appeased. You can give evil everything it demands, and it will still take more. You see, the only thing that will satiate the blood thirst of these people is absolute power and dominion and freedom loving folks stand in the way. There was no Western nation more friendly and accommodating to Islam, and still, look at what became of it.

Radical terroristic Islam is just like Nazism of the 1930s and 40s. It must be conquered in a similar manner. This cancerous thought must be destroyed. Our challenge today is that there is not a single figurehead like Hitler that we can focus our energies on. There is no single nation state we can turn our attention to. We must give young people tempted by this ideology a clear and obvious choice. First by destroying with swift resolve anywhere where this cancer resides, but then having the international community come back in to help rebuild the societies that are left behind. Teach the beauty of freedom and make the choice clear. Choose tyranny and you will be destroyed or choose freedom and you will thrive.

Defending the First Amendment

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments about whether or not Hobby Lobby should be forced to pay for their employees’ contraceptives and abortions, despite religious objections, as a part of Obamacare. Four justices have already voiced that they will side with the government. I find this to be mind bogglingly shocking. These people were put there to DEFEND the Constitution, with the very first Bill of Rights being to protect religious freedom. It should be a slam dunk case, with Hobby Lobby winning easily. That fact that FOUR of the justices think otherwise is frightening. What on earth is their justification?

Their argument is that Hobby Lobby is a corporation and that the First Amendment does not apply to corporations. Say what!? First off, that makes zero sense. Corporations are nothing more than collections of people and it is my understanding that the First Amendment applies to ALL people. Corporations are owned by people, staffed by people, managed by people. Corporations are people and in that respect they are no different than government. They reflect the values and integrity of the individuals that make them up.

But even if corporations are some strange separate artificial intelligence entity, what good is the First Amendment if it doesn’t apply to EVERYBODY?? When the government can start to pick and choose who gets protected by the First Amendment and who doesn’t, you have entered into dangerous territory, and the fact that four justices think that it’s their job to decide who doesn’t get protected by the First Amendment means that we are already there!

I brought this point up to a liberal friend and his response was, “Well, I don’t like Hobby Lobby pushing their religion on their employees.” What does that have to do with the issue? Hobby Lobby is not forcing the employees to do or not do anything. The government IS forcing Hobby Lobby to do something it finds objectionable. If Sue Employee wants to have an abortion while under the employ of Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lobby will not stop her from doing so and frankly, I don’t think Hobby Lobby cares what Sue Employee decides to do with her life outside of Hobby Lobby. But why should Hobby Lobby be FORCED to pay for that abortion? It’s Sue’s abortion, not Hobby Lobby’s. She should pay for it herself, if that’s what she wants, or find somebody who does want to pay for her abortion.

Even though Hobby Lobby does not get involved in Sue Employee’s personal life, if Hobby Lobby, or any company for that matter, wishes to establish for themselves a code of ethics on how they feel their employees should conduct themselves outside of employment, I would defend their right to do so. Sound extreme? Well then, work for another company. We do not have forced employment in this country. Nobody is forcing anybody to work for any company. Why is it that so hard to understand? If Sue Employee wants her employer to pay for her abortion, she can get a job with one who will.

What does the First Amendment specifically say? It says “Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of religion or the free exercise thereof.” The Obamacare mandate violates this on both accounts. First, it denies Hobby Lobby their free exercise of their religion. I bring this up and I hear liberals say the First Amendment is supposed to keep people from forcing their religion on others. No, it doesn’t. Considering the fact that a lot of the signers of the Constitution were ordained pastors or ministers, I doubt that this is what they had in mind when they signed it. No, the First Amendment ALLOWS people to proselytize, Bible bash, witness, share, whatever you want to call it, to one another. Don’t like it, tough, it’s their freedom. What it DOESN’T allow is for government to force ITS religion and yes, secularism IS a type of religion. By forcing Hobby Lobby and anybody else to pay for contraceptives, the government is establishing that this is their worldview (religion) and this is their way of forcing you to acknowledge it. The failure to understand this is a failure to understand the First Amendment.

Everything’s An Argument

Good day loyal fan base! What can I say? A new year and the same politics. No doubt I’ll have opinions to push and I’ll surely try to use the art of the pen to persuade. At this time, I’m still only back to half strength from my four month length devastating illness starting this past September. But as I have time, I hope to be back to entertaining you with the hilarity of the institution we call government.

In the meantime, I thought you would enjoy some news! I am excited to share with you my recent major publication. Bedford/St. Martin’s just published one of my cartoons in a college textbook called “Everything’s An Argument,” written by Andrea A Lunsford, John J. Ruszkiewicz, and Keith Walters.

I received, one morning out of the blue, in the mail, a copy of the finished book. Of course, I had written in the contract that I wanted a copy for my own portfolio, but permission was granted almost three years ago, so I had long since forgotten about this job. What a sweet surprise when it came in UPS.

I am published alongside a select number of professional artists including some New Yorker cartoonists.This text book will be used by colleges across the United States for debate analysis and other types of courses.

I was paid flat fee, so even if you purchase your own copy, I won’t receive royalties, but perhaps if it becomes a hit, they might license another cartoon in a future edition. In the meantime, here’s the Amazon link: everything’s an argument

Book is finished!

This is your friendly cartoonist here! The book “Politix Cartoons Anthology, the 100 Best Cartoons of 2004-2009, e-book” is finally finished and ready for digital download.

You may purchase this wonderful collection of my greatest cartoons by going here.

In addition, the first 10 people to buy the book will receive an autographed print of their choice for free! 


I debated on whether or not I wanted to go through with this cartoon. I know it’s going to cause controversy, and believe it or not, despite being a political cartoonist, I really don’t like controversy. What pushed me over the edge were the multiple cartoons out there equating Santorum as being the leader of the Crusades, here to chop off your head if you don’t accept his religion. What a bunch of inflammatory nonsense! And while the Catholic church does have the stain of the Crusades as part of their history, many, many more Christians and Catholics lost their lives from Roman times to present day, due only to their faith.

These recent attacks on Santorum are not really aimed at him, but at Christianity in general. They are quite telling. According to a number of Liberals I’ve talked with, if you proclaim your faith, it’s ramming it down people’s throats. Therefore, equating Christians to all kinds of horrible activities is justified. Yet, they wouldn’t dare say those kinds of things against the Muslim faith, even though some jihadists will kill you if you don’t accept their faith.

But the most frustrating thing of all is the legislation Obama passed that would force Catholic organizations to provide abortion and contraceptive services to their employees, despite their moral objections. What’s frustrating is not that Obama did this, for he has shown his true colors by now, but that many of my friends are saying this is an issue of freedom. By not forcing the organization to provide contraceptives is denying the employees their freedom, thus this legislation was necessary. Huh?

The choice of what the organization provides as compensation, paid or in benefits, to its employees, should be up to that organization. That’s freedom folks! Freedom is allowing everybody their choice, including the so-called big guy. It’s the employers company, the employer’s money, the employer’s risk and the employee freely chooses to work there. Nobody is forcing that employee to work there. If they don’t agree with the company’s moral standards, then find another job. Santorum had it right. By forcing Catholic organizations to provide contraceptive services, it’s the government forcing its belief system on the church! Liberals get so worked up about the imaginary “Wall of Separation,” yet if they want to have this wall, then they need to be willing to keep their liberal government out of the church as well.

I’m not a Catholic, and I rarely get offended, but this past week has been very instructive about how people really view the church. And let me tell you, some of the talk has been scary. Religious freedom in America is on attack, and that’s really what this cartoon is about.

Big Changes Coming… And a Book

I don’t have a cartoon for you today, but I’m working on two, and I promise they will be good ones.

But I wanted to let you know of some upcoming positive changes coming to this site within the next few weeks, changes that will indicate future increased activities on this blog, which I’m sure will thrill all 17 of you.

The first big change isn’t really a change but a huge announcement. I’m currently working on my first anthology cartoon book. This is huge. Literally, it’s over 175 pages and is packed with the best commentary and cartoons up to 2009. The cover preview is shown here to the left. The electronic version of the book will be ready within the next few weeks or so available for purchase. All the details for purchasing will be on a future blog post. Please consider buying. If you like these cartoons, purchasing this book will ensure that I can pay my bills so I can continue to entertain you. The electronic version is a steal deal for what you get.

The printed version will be released when we get enough preorders made. But check this out: if you buy the electronic version, at any time, you can take the money you spent on the electronic version and put it toward your purchase of the printed version. How way cool is that? Just check the box “interested in printed copy” at check-out when you order the e-version.

Second bit of news is that PolitixCartoons.com will be switching over to a new WordPress theme. The current theme is very limiting and does not allow me to customize my site according to the Politix brand. The new theme will be much easier to use and navigate, however, for a few days, it may be down or look a little weird until all of the programming issues can be resolved. Please bear with us as we make this transition.

This new theme will allow me to partition an area on the site dedicated solely to Hummel Heights. I know that there is a growing popularity for Hummel Heights and people are anxious to learn more about the adventures of Nick and Jake, without having to wade through a bunch of politicky stuff. This new section will give them instant access. I hope, as time allows, to provide plenty of new material to keep everybody happy.

Exciting stuff, I’m glad you can be a part of this ride.

Upcoming Events!

High 5 CAI Annual Show-Opening night, Friday, May 19th, 2009
The Colorado Alliance of Illustrators has partnered with Ink Lounge Gallery to put together their annual show. This year, yours truly, will exhibit my “Marketing” cartoon, as well as pieces from the latest children’s book, jointly illustrated by my talented wife Cherish Flieder. The only jury in this show are you, the enthusiastic public, so feel free to come in numbers and stuff the ballot on my behalf!

You will also enjoy the talented works of some of my other great friends, among them Stan Yan, Che Rippinger and Steve Schader.

Join Me At La Piazza Dell Arte!
This year I will be participating in the La Piazza Dell Arte on Larimer Square, June 06-07. This is a street painting festival where local artists come and create masterpieces on the street in chalks. Come, meet your local Denver artists, take in the creative atmosphere and enjoy the festivities. I look forward to seeing you.

Team PolitixCartoons

I was proud to sponsor Noah last year in his soap car derby race. Stay tuned for this year’s details.

Colorado Tea Party

The First Amendment guarantees us the right to assembly. Thus, this Wednesday I’m exercising my First Amendment rights by going to one of the many TEA parties being held across the nation. Naturally conservative in all I do, this is a great stretch for me. But I’m looking forward to having fun and I hope you will join me there.

Earl Grey, with a little milk and a little sugar, and with a touch of vanilla… That’s how I like it!

Politix on the Walls!

Join Benjamin Hummel and politixcartoons as he partners with the Colorado Alliance of Illustrators and their 18th Annual Members’ Show.

See your favorite cartoons on the wall in a gallery setting.

Opening Exhibit: Fri. May 2, 2008 >> 6-9pm
Cost: Free

AIGA Colorado, Art Director’s Club of Denver and the New Denver Ad Club have
all partnered together this year to sponsor, promote and recognize Colorado
illustrators. Please join us in supporting our local talent May 02 for an exhibit of CAI’s members work in two galleries. Beverages and snacks will be served to help those critiques and networking going.

Ink Lounge Gallery + Anam Cara Living Arts Studio and Gallery
Studios H & B on Block 7 in Belmar
445 South Saulsbury Street
Lakewood, CO 80226

Announcing Great News!

You may have noticed a new logo on the top of my blog recently. It is with great pleasure that I announce to you that I have been accepted into the American Association of Editorial Cartoonists. This is a national trade organization and it requires scrutiny to get into. Supposedly I’m good enough to hang with the “big boys,” and I attribute a lot of this to the support of people like you. Thank you for your continued support as we anticipate further politixcartoons growth!