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Colorado Rockies Opening Day, 2008


  1. Ahhh, yes, Springtime. The time of year when the birds start chirping, the days get longer, the flowers begin to bloom, and the bats come out from hibernation.

    Never before has Denver ever expected much from the Rockies. They were always like the lovable ugly step sister of the remaining Denver powerhouse sports. They sucked, we loved them, life went on.

    But something magical happened last year. A group of kids beat the odds and went all the way. It was David vs Goliath, three times! It was a shame they lost the final time, but that taste of sweet, sweet victory has not left our mouths and we want more.

    As a town, we will no longer be content with the performances of the previous ten years. Give us 1995! Give us 2007! Give us the World Championship! It was okay to fail two years ago. But today, we expect perfection!

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