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Democrat House Rules


  1. Democrats are the freedom party. Yeah, right. They may have been at one time, but how do you explain the resolution initiated by Harry Reid recently, demanding that Rush Limbaugh “apologize” for something he never said. This was in clear violation of the first amendment, which clearly states, “Congress shall make no law … abridging free speech.” This kind of action demands displinary action and is an impeachable offense.

    It is the Democrats who are behind laws that tell people what they can or can’t eat, what they can or can’t smoke. It is the Democrats who pass restrictions upon employers telling them how to conduct their business and who they can hire (and FIRE!) It is Democrats who strike down public displays of religion (even though the First Amendment clearly states Congress shall make no law regarding the establishment of a religion OR THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF!).

    At one time, the difference between parties was more about policy. Today, it seems the divide is over our basic freedoms, which is a disgrace. Thomas Jefferson would today be disgusted over the state of the party that he helped found.

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