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Eminent Domain


  1. Eminent domain is a tricky topic. As with any issue, there are definitely the extremes and there are the gray areas. Granted, it seems “necessary,” in some instances, for the expansion of roads, but that depends on who defines “necessary.”

    The recent supreme court ruling that awarded the town in Connecticut with the right to “condemn” property in order to resell to a big box retailer, so that the city could make more revenue from the space, was an atrocious violation of property rights, guaranteed to us by the US Constitution.

    Since then, the precedent has been set. This cartoon is based off of a report that describes how Denver’s RTD has been using eminent domain to take over private property in order to resell it for profit. Their excuse is that it will keep taxes and fares low. I say it is an abuse of governmental authority, something that would make Patrick Henry sick to his stomach.

    To read more about it, follow the link below.

    RTD article

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