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  1. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all in favor of mass transportation. I love our light rail as it is now and I love how in big cities on the east coast and in Europe, you can get anywhere with a single day pass.

    And I was gung-ho in favor of FasTracks when it was first proposed. I liked the idea of being able to hop onto a light rail and get to downtown Denver from my western suburb location.

    However, when the Independence Institute (www.i2i.org) informed me of how a very similar legislation passed in the 70s, with no rail ever being built, I became suspicious. They went on to say that under the proposed guidelines, FasTracks would become bankrupt.

    I didn’t want to believe them, but it became true. Now they are asking the citizens for more money to bail them out of this hole they are in. Do we buy it? What of the infrastructure already built? What choice do we have?

    If RTD had bid the job to private contractors instead of unionized government workers, would this project would be finished by now…?

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