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Grocery Bags

The dirty secret is that grocery chains want you to purchase their reusable bags. Why? Because it saves them money on paying for bags themselves. Sure, some may be environmentally conscious, but overall, money speaks the loudest. If it weren’t so, then why is it so hard to get grocers to bag your products in paper bags? Paper bags are far more environmentally friendly than plastic, but most chains don’t carry them, and the ones that do groan every time I ask for paper. It is because plastic is still cheaper than paper. (I exclude natural grocery stores, but they make back the profit on their prices for food items)


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  2. …and fluffy bunnies aren’t purple! (Probably has something to do with the GOP…)

    By the way, if I can save 10%, sometimes more depending on the place, by NOT using plastic/paper bags I’m gonna do it! By year’s end I’ll have made up in discounts what the nylon reusable bag cost me, and then continue saving on everything else.

    (Disclaimer: not counting all the plastic and non-bio-degradable PACKAGING techniques)

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