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Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I have nothing against vegetarians or vegans. I’m good friends with many. However, when it comes to debate, I’m always in favor of sticking with honest facts. Which brings me to this particular gripe.

    When reporting on PETA’s protest to Thanksgiving this year, local news stations interviewed some obvious advocates who were championing their tfurkeys as the highly delectable substitute to a meat filled Thanksgiving. If a tofurkey is what you enjoy eating, whether for health or moral reasons or even taste reasons, I’m not going to stand in your way. But please, please don’t sit there and tell me it tastes just like turkey! It may taste great (I’m not crazy about the taste, but its not bad). But for the sake of honesty, it does NOT taste like turkey! And if you have to inject it with flavoring to make it taste like turkey as much as possible, then I guess its no longer organic either.

    All I know is the early hunter/gatherers and early settlers did not subsist on tofu. It was the protein found in meat that powered them through cold winters.

    One other item. Some animals are cute and cuddly. Some are noble and majestic. Some are utilitarian. But some are ugly, stupid, serve no other purpose and in my opinion, God put them here on this earth for the sole purpose to feed us humans. Turkeys are just one example.

    So happy Thanksgiving, whether you feast over a turkey, baked or deep fried, a honey glazed ham, or a nice slab of tofurkey!

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