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Moore Madness

Moore Madness

A common saying goes, “Never argue with an idiot, for after a moment, no one can tell the difference.” Michael Moore is an idiot, so at the risk of sounding like one myself, here I go.

My biggest beef with Michael Moore is that he is a hypocrite. His latest movie sets out to make the point that capitalism is evil. While I have not seen the movie (my health is too fragile for that kind of abuse), I’ve read enough glowing reviews (from the “unbiased” media) about it to know the points Moore makes to try to support is lame assertion. What befuddles me is how Michael Moore can sit making windfall profits on his movies and then point his fingers at anybody else who dares to make a profit and call them evil.

According the reviewer, Michael Moore asserts Wall Street executives gamble with innocent people’s money, and since gambling is illegal, they should be thrown into jail. The other argument he makes is that under capitalism the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and that the middle class disappears.

These points are so easily debatable that it is not even worth my time going into them, however, I know so many people who gobble up his line of thinking, that I’m afraid I have to.

To begin, where the heck does Michael Moore think our middle class came from?!? How can capitalism be shrinking our middle class, when the very fact that we have a middle class proves that 200 years of capitalism does in fact work? Seriously, can anybody with a straight face tell me that Cuba has a more robust middle class than America? Let’s go down the line: North Korea, anybody? Aha, China has a growing middle class!… for about a couple of decades now… since American industry began injecting capitalism into their society. Moore is clever in the way he uses selective anecdotes to craft his argument, but it simply does not hold up when compared to the whole of human history.

Finally, Moore’s premise is flawed, in thinking that Wall Street is somehow stealing the people’s money and then gambling with it. People have CHOOSEN to invest their money into Wall Street, knowing the risks and possible benefits. They were never forced to hand over their money. (On the other hand, people ARE forced to give their money to government, via high taxes and fees, for government to put into programs that have PROVEN not to work. So the question remains, Who’s the real thief here?)

I don’t deny that there is a ton of corporate greed in capitalism. But there is greed in government as well. The problem isn’t the system, the problem is people! Greed is evil, yes, however, hard work is noble. Unfortunately, the two are so intricately tied that to try and destroy one will inevitably lead to the destruction of the other. To preserve hard work, ingenuity, creativity, we must preserve capitalism.

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