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Nanny State


  1. It seems that anything that can be even remotely risky has been banned from us. People no longer live on the edge, the edge has been taken from them. I remember teeter totters and merry go rounds were common at most playgrounds. They have all been relagated to lawsuit safe, sterile and boring pieces of plastic playground equipment.

    I never wore a helmet while riding my bike as a youth. I crashed several times. I’m stronger because of it. Our trampoline never had a safety net. I was always picked last in baseball at school. It taught me to deal with rejection and persecution, and inspired me to do better.

    Pain is a natural part of life and the trend to inocolate our youth from it is only hurting them – and our society – in the long run. Learning to deal with pain with grace (and not revenge) is what makes a society great. Look at our grandparents and the Great Generation. We have lost that as a society.

    Government has been far too eager to jump in and create laws designed to protect ourselves from ourselves. As a result, common sense has been thrown out the window and people have stopped taking responsibility for their actions as they rely on government, and the ever greedy tort lawyer, to protect them. It is a trend toward eventual tyranny and it is an America I’d rather not have.

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