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Nationalized Healthcare

Nationalized HealthcareAs one who used to be on Medicaid, I know a little about the bureaucratic nightmare that it is. Obama says he’ll pay for his healthcare plan by eliminating waste in Medicaid and Medicare? One, looks like he’s admitting these government programs don’t work. Two, I’m scratching my head trying to figure out when government ever was successful in eliminating waste.

My opposition to the health care bill is not because I don’t want insurance companies to treat those with pre-existing conditions, as was aluded by a friend of mine. If you know my past health history, you know this isn’t the case. In my view, to deny pre-existing conditions (and I know this will break from some of my libertarian friends) is paramount to discrimination. Some changes are necessary in our healthcare system. However, the public option should not be among them.

According to a recent Washington Times editorial, here are 8 practical alternative ways to reform healthcare. Interesting that none of these seem to be on the table.

1)Various lawsuit reforms to keep down medical malpractice premiums, whose costs are passed on to consumers.
2) Allowing health insurance to be bought and sold across state lines.
3) Allowing the tax break for health insurance to be claimed by individuals as well as by businesses.
4) Increased use of health savings accounts.
5) Creation of “health stamps” for low-income people who otherwise wouldn’t qualify for tax credits.
6) Allowing doctors who provide pro bono care to treat the value of their time spent doing so as a charitable deduction from their income taxes.
7) Allowing states to band together in regional insurance-pooling arrangements.
8) Various measures to make it easier for patients to figure out the costs of various services and doctors’ fees so they can comparison-shop.

The entire article can be read here:

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