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Overprotecting our Children


  1. This cartoon is about how some in society are so desperate to inoculate our youth from any kind of trauma, risk, or emotional distress, that in the end they cripple the child from being able to help himself, as is demonstrated so eloquently in the cartoon.

    This is a hot button issue with me and I can diatribe on this topic in perpetuity. But I will say this.

    I never won a ribbon on field day. I turned out okay.

    I’ve written articles on the disappearing playground equipment. Teeter Totters and Fling-go-rounds have been banned in most places, in favor of these latest staticky plasticky generic parks that have no characteristic differences from one playground to the next. (Of course, at my age, parents give me strange looks when I play on the equipment)

    I never wore helmets as a kid, and despite a few crashes, I survived.

    I learned how to fall on the trampoline… Ooops, trampolines are too dangerous.

    I wish to thank my parents for letting me scrape my knees, break my tailbone, and above all, have a good childhood.

    All silliness aside, we live in a dangerous and litigious world which requires risk. The more risk one takes, chances are, the more one will enjoy life. To each, their own.

  2. Working at a school, I also see the problem of kids not being let to be kids. Whatever happened to being let to learn from blunders or mistakes? Aren’t we supposed to learn, so that we may pass on what we know to teach?

    Don’t know how you feel about the “blue ribbon society” …

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