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Painting for Life

I’d like to take a moment and plug my other company, Painting for Life. While I enjoy cartooning, it doesn’t really pay the bills, so I decided to supplement my income with… fine art.

Very exciting things are starting to happy with the company Painting for Life. Our new shopping cart website is starting to come together. Please, if you have a moment, I welcome you to go to www.paintingforlife.com/store. From there, feel free to browse the merchandise and place a few orders. Note, that it is still a work in progress, so be prepared for there to be missing images, funky sentences, and incomplete products, however, the cart is legit and secure. If you do notice any grammar issues or page link issues, or what have you, please let us know.

The second set of exciting news about Painting for Life is that we have always been primarily a stationery company. We are starting to branch out and offer more products, including books and CDs by local independent artists, and bath products and gifts sets.

If you run a non-profit, or you know somebody who does, ask to participate in the PFL fundraising program, in which you and your team sells Painting for Life products to raise money for your non-profit. It is an excellent program filled with exciting products that practically sell themselves.

Finally, this summer I’m going to participate in several art shows. If you want to know more about the shows and other exciting happenings, sign up to receive our ezine at PaintingforLife.com.

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