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Perpetual Limbo

I really do not like the TSA. Granted, they are doing their best to protect us in these perilous times, but along with finger nail clippers, knitting needles and vials of sunscreen, common sense seems to have been thrown out.

Every new restriction lasts through eternity, which makes me cringe with each new one. What is our threat level now, ochre? Could I please have my shaving cream back? And what’s the deal about not letting friends or relatives accompany you to the gate? The terrorists were all paying customers!

Health professionals tell us to drink plenty of fluids while traveling. But you can’t bring fluids across the security lines and the airlines no longer serve beverages for free! The only way to maintain good health while cramped in your 2′ x 2′ space is to purchase the super inflated beverages on the other side of the security check in. Coincidence?

Meanwhile, a few undercover studies have shown that handguns and other legitimate weapons still somehow make it through the security check ins. And what a shame, I no longer can defend myself with my sunscreen.

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