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Romanoff’s Grand Dream


  1. Andrew Romanoff, among many, has been trying for years to undue TABOR, the TAxpayers Bill Of Rights, legislation that was voted on by the people of Colorado that restricts our state government from raising taxes without a vote, and also demands that all surplus be given back to the people of Colorado.

    Referendum C basically took away the surplus rule. Now that government has our surplus dollars, they still complain that it is not enough money. They want to be able to tax us without our ability to approve. As a result, Romanoff is leading the effort to put a measure on this year’s ballot that will eliminate TABOR once and for all. They say it will be for a rainy day fund as well as education. Who can resist such seemingly innocent reasonings?

    Call me skeptical, but I don’t trust anybody with my money when there is no measure of checks and balances. Colorado has had one of the strongest economies of the US since TABOR has been in effect. This is no accident.

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