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Same Old Change


  1. Don’t be duped by the mantra of change. Sure it sounds enticing, but politicians have been running on the issue of “change” for centuries. Nothing is new, nothing has changed and nothing will change.

    But what really got to me this election was just how uninformed the voting public was. They clamoured to the polls vowing to remove from power the majority party in congress… by voting Democrat. That’s fine if you choose to vote Democrat, but you’re not voting in change. They are the ones who have been in power since 2006! Ed Perlmutter’s yard signs all said, “Perlmutter for change.” Problem is, he was the incumbent.

    Point being, don’t vote for change for change sake. Vote for your values. Are you for larger federal control or smaller? Are you a social issues voter? Are you for business or unions? See how your candidates have historically voted in the past on each issue (not what they say, for who hasn’t known a politician who lied to get elected) and align yourself that way. That’s how to vote informed.

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