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School Choice

The word “choice” sure gets thrown around a lot in politics. Liberals accuse conservatives of being anti-choice, yet when it comes to school choice, they are the first ones to shut it down. I’ve never understood their position on this issue, especially considering their stance on abortion. If I follow their logic, it’s a fundamental right to choose to kill your child, but you don’t get the right to choose where they go to school. Huh?

The real shame is, the people who could benefit the most from a school choice program would be the underpriveleged kids, mostly comprised of minorities. The biggest argument coming from the ACLU (because school choice is a violation of civil liberties, thank goodness they are here to save us!) is that, heaven forbid, a parent might “choose” to put his or her kid into a *gasp* Christian school! Because it’s much better to let them drop out and become street thugs than to expose them to Christian education.

And perhaps there are those who believe that last statement. But shouldn’t that decision be up to the parents?


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