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Shrugging the Atlas

I finally finished “Atlas Shrugged.” That is one thick book to read! It was enjoyable and I do think it should be required reading on the collegiate level. While I do not agree with everything Ayn Rand put forth, I loved the concise arguments and the way the different protaganists were able to put in words the feelings I have had for a long time. Government should NOT impede with production and with the doings of business. If a certain business is failing, they should be allowed to fail and not have government level the field for them to “make it fair.”

Anyway, I can go on and on about how I agree completely with Ayn Rand’s concept of producers verses looters and the morality of working for an honest wage, and how the role of government should be to protect life and property, not to redistribute it. The only issue Rand was wrong about was the concept of original sin. We are all capable of being looters and we are all looters of some degree at different moments in our life. And I wonder where she gets her objectivity without a religious basis or background.

Outside of that, it is a great read and it forces one to think critically, something I feel we are afraid to do in today’s hypersensitive society.

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