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Stop Motion Easter Animation – Matthew 26:31

For this coming Easter, I am working on a number of animations. I won’t reveal the finished pieces until after their debut at church Easter Sunday (to which you are all invited), however, in preparation, I created this six second stop motion VINE video as a working test, just playing around. Not often you get to see animation on this site. Hmmm… Maybe it’ll be a sign of things to come. Enjoy!

Natural Selection

A number of years ago, I went to hear a paleontology artist speak about his work. Knowing he was a staunch evolutionist, I was bracing myself to deal with possible conflicting evidence that may possibly have shaken my faith.

The artist talked a lot about his craft, his techniques, medium, etc., before he began launching into his diatribe about evolution. He talked extensively about the conclusive “evidence” and if it weren’t for the scientific “evidence,” he probably could believe in God.

He then proceeded to bring forth a sculpted skull he created for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. “This,” he proclaimed excitedly, “is the missing link! It is derived from a skull fragment found in Northern Africa.” He gave us the name of this new half human, half ape creature, but I’ve since forgotten it.

“As an artist,” he went on, “I’m hired to use my understanding of science and my own artistic imagination to fill out the rest of the skull from the bone that was found. We used what we believe this Sapien species might have looked like, plus some artistic license to get it to this point.” Did I hear that right? Imagination? Artistic license? Starting with an already foregone conclusion to create your “evidence?”

This individual then showed us the bone fragment from which this fully rendered skull had come. It was the back of the cranium and registered a little more than 2” x 3.” That was it. I could have created Michelangelo’s David from that piece of bone! (well, if I was a better artist, I could have) That wasn’t conclusive at all! If this is the kind of “evidence” Darwinists want to use to support their theory, then I’d rather believe in a loving Creator/Artist, who specifically designed us for a purpose and desires communion with us!

Paul talks about the second gospel in the book of Romans. The first is obviously the written words of the apostles, which society has long sought to silence. The second, though, are the works of nature, as they speak of His creativity. We can choose to listen to the words of nature, or we can choose to drown them out with the humanistic theories of evolution.

I believe science studied with an open mind points to a creator. The origin of creation remains murky and hotly debated, even among Christians. You have old world creationists and new world creationists and intelligent design evolutionists. They all claim to have undeniable evidence. Yet, they all have one thing in common. The complexity of life is too grand to make all of this accidental.

The study of science drove Isaac Newton into full time ministry. Galileo believed his theory on the universe would enhance people’s understanding of God. I pray that your own study might bring you closer to Him.

In Honor of Lent

If you were to give something up, what would it be?

Happy Easter!