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The Daily Spin

I put this up in reaction to the blame game that immediately followed the Tucson shootings. I was mortified at how Sarah Palin received the worst of it. One caller starting going on about how Palin issued a call to arms and demanded that Tea Partiers lay to waste the Democrats and liberals. When the host pressured the caller to site his source for this outrageous libel, he stuttered and then spurted out, “Well that’s just her M.O.”

It’s sick how we are letting hate get in the way of debate and how we use tragedies to try and silence opposing opinion. And it’s sick how innocent citizens, such as Sarah Palin, can have such vile and misinformation leveled against them. Speaking of misinformation, I find it funny how many will rattle off bad information to support their view of a particular person or issue. But when that information is exposed for what it is, they rarely will issue a retraction or apology. And I guess that’s what this toon is all about.

***If you are a regular follower of this blog… my sincere apologies. Life has a way taking over and the last few months have been full and wonderful but full nonetheless. As you may be aware, I’ve committed my nonpaying hours to trying to get our cards and gifts webstore up and off the ground. This has been fun, but a challenge and can still use your help. Don’t feel obliged to purchase anything, but tell all of your friends about it and if you haven’t signed up for our “Friends of Painting for Life” ezine, I encourage you to do so now. It’s chock full of great stories, good art, and fun savings. Go to www.PaintingForLife.com for more details.

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