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The Illusion of Security at the Expense of Freedom

When the TSA demanded we put our liquids into plastic baggies, I immediately said on my blog and several other places (http://www.politixcartoons.com/cartoon/51) that this move only inconveniences passengers and does nothing to enhance public safety.

Christmas day proved me right. Now with the TSA’s overreaction from the thwarted attack, I am livid. Let’s examine some of the irony with the new rules.

First, the guy who saved the day got out of his seat to do so. In response, the TSA now says you can’t leave your seat.

You are not allowed to keep anything in your lap 1 hour prior to the plane landing, including paperback books. Serious? You guys at the TSA think banning paperback books is going to stop terrorism?!? The terrorists stated goal is to, what, kill our freedoms, is it not? They no longer need to be successful with their terrorist attacks anymore–the overreaction of our government will automatically take away our freedoms for them.

So we are expected to sit strapped to our seats for hours on end without even the relief of a book to pass the time the next time we want to take a flight. We can’t cover ourselves if we are cold, we can’t get up to use the bathroom if we have to. Prison inmates have more freedoms than this! The detainees at Guantanemo have more freedoms than this! The terrorists have effectively put 1 million flyers into prison every day!

(But Ben, we’ve got to do SOMETHING!) Yes, but we have to do the right thing and the right thing was not done on Christmas day. The so-called “panty-bomber” was on a terrorist watch list, had an Islamic name, bought a one-way ticket to America with cash and NOBODY raised a red flag. Similar things happened with the Ft. Hood incident.

Screw political correctness. We are at war with radical Muslims, they should be suspect and scrutinized. Until the war is over, that’s just the reality of it. Granted, maybe not every jihadist who says “Death to America” on his website will actually carry out plans to do so, but let’s double check him, just in case.

Here’s my solution, it’s a good one, who can I talk to? One: Give us our books, blankets, shampoos and knitting needles back. Let us roam the cabin if we need to. I mean this. The ban on these items will not make us a lick safer. All it does is give the illusion of security at the expense of freedom. Several foreign airlines operate just fine without these restrictions.

Obama has promised more full body screeners. Good. I can live with that. It’s an invasion of privacy, yes, but not of freedom. But let’s use them the right way. If you have an Yemenese passport, Islamic name and you are buying a one way ticket with cash, buddy, you’re going through it.

Let’s spend our money on getting some chemically trained dogs to roam the security lines. People aren’t moving anyway, they might as well be subject to a “sniff” search.

Allow flight attendants who qualify with training and a thorough background check to be allowed to carry if they want to. Assign more undercover air marshals as well. There is no greater defense than a good offense.

Finally, make a BIG deal out of the everyday heroes who risk their lives to save the day. They should be given some sort of financial reward for their efforts, so as to encourage more people to take safety into their own hands.

Between you and me, I am so upset about the new rules, that if I’m to ever get on a plane again, I swear I’m tempted to engage in civil disobedience, just the make a point. I WILL NOT put away that paperback. Let them fuss over me. Let them arrest me. My cause will be vindicated and hopefully enough people will see how stupid it is that they waste all their efforts over some chronically ill white guy because he refuses to put down his book “Common Sense” by Thomas Paine, instead of focusing that time and money on the real perpetrators. I just pray these restrictions are lifted by the time I take the next flight or else, you might be seeing me on the news… :-)


  1. You had me agreeing with you until you said full body scanners is Ok. According to you, it is an invasion of privacy but not freedom. An invasion of privacy is an invasion of freedom. We have a right not to be under surveillance.

    He that would give up freedom for security deserve to have neither. — Ben Franklin

    Security is an illusion. Life itself is a risk. Do you think that security cameras make you secure. Just ask the British a few years ago. It did not stop the bus and subway bombings. You cannot terrorism anymore than you can stop murder, jaywalking, people running stop signs, or anything else they try to prevent. Full body scanners do nothing for safety and invade our privacy.

    Yes we are at war with terrorists but it needs to be handled somewhere else. Also, the government exaggerates everything. There may be some who would do us harm but it is not as bad as we are told.

    Oh yeah another bad idea is to have armed people in a small enclosed area under pressure (pressurized area) 10,000s of feet in the air. Having these paranoid people armed it really dangerous.

    I am too upset. The TSA and Dept of Homeland Security needs to be abolished. The USA Partriot needs to be repealed.

  2. In regards to the full body scanners, I’m not advocating everybody go through them. I would limit it to those who legitimately are suspect. What would you suggest doing in their stead? If Ahkmed Hateamerica wants to board a plane, should we let him go, no questions asked?

    This whole order with the “don’t touch my junk” going on lately, I actually find quite comical. I am anxious to see if Americans really do organize this Wednesday into a security boycott. Some are upset that people are looking at their distorted nude pictures. Others are upset that they are being groped instead. It begs the question, which would you rather have? Personally, having been poked and prodded and xrayed and beatup all my life due to my chronic illness, I could care less either way. But that’s just me.

    I’m upset that the gentleman faces a $70K fine for opting out. To me, that’s tyranny. If he doesn’t want to go through the procedure, that should be his choice, however, the consequence is he can’t board the plane. It should end there.

    Watching the whole thing unfold recently encourages me. I’m glad that Americans are finally starting to stand up to this nonsense. I’m at the edge of my seat wondering how this drama will eventually unfold.

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