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The Solution?


  1. It seems the more government tries to fix things, the worse they really get. If left to the ups and downs of the free markets, our society would be better overall.

    Is there greed and abuses in corporations? Yes, and it is wrong. However, that doesn’t mean every corporation is abusive and it is wrong to punish all for the sins of a few. The other point to consider is that greed and abuse is a human issue, not a corporation issue. There is just as much greed and abuse in government as there is in corporate America. The difference is that there is competition on the corporation side, and bad businesses often do go out of business. There is no competition in government, and there is nothing to control its inefficiency, abuse or excessive growth.

  2. This cartoon just proves the cartoonist is a partisan hack. It is the REPUBLICANS who doubled the size of government in just 5 years!

    Maybe if Mr. Benjamin got his head out of his partisan butt he might actually get a glimpse of reality for a change.

  3. I am quite aware that it was the Republicans under George Bush who could not control spending. What I was trying to convey is that now that it is out of control, all I hear Democrats proposing is even bigger government as the solution.

    I’m not a hack for either the Republicans or Democrats. I am a conservative who calls it like I see it.

  4. Because a trolling name-calling liberal is so much better, Thomas-MC …

    Democrats are just as much to blame for certain issues as are Republicans. Respect someone’s views for what they believe in, not for why you’re frustrated at the government taking it out on a CARTOONIST!

    By the way for the record, I am neither Republican, nor Democrat …

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