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The Writer’s Strike


  1. For the record, I support the writer’s strike. The issue is over intellectual property and I do not think their demands are outlandish. It does anger me that in the end, it is the creatives who are cheated financially from the success of their work.

    The creatives give us a world of beauty in art, harmony in music, laughter and contemplation from their pens. They sacrifice and toil, pouring a piece of themselves into every piece of art that is made. And yet it is the financially well-to-do executives who are refusing to budge in giving the writers proceeds from their work in internet sales. In the end, it is theft, and it is a worthy cause to fight for.

    This is a fight artists have fought continuously over the years and must continue to do so for the sake of making a living to enrich other’s lives.

    THAT SAID… I have enjoyed the extra time off spent away from the television.

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