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Unsupervised… er, Manned Drones

So there seems to be a lot of snooping around lately. People are furious at Obama, as they riot in the streets in protest in Hong Kong and other Asian countries. And of course, you are well aware that I’m no Obama fan, so in my mind, it’s about time he received some bad press.

I’m not naive, however. I understand that many of these violations of privacy were made possible during the Bush Administration. What cracks me up now is role reversing the two parties are playing. Democrats, who once were furious at Bush for starting the program, are now defending Obama for expanding it. And Republicans who argued for the necessity for the Patriot act, are shocked that the Obama administration decides to use it for their own. And you have Miss Alabama saying that she’d rather have the government track her calls than have her privacy encroached. (?) The hilarity has reached fever pitch.

If you have paid any attention to my blog for the past 6 years, you’ll know that when it comes to erring on the side of either privacy or safety, (or freedom or safety), I’ll pick freedom/privacy any day. It doesn’t matter who the president is. I didn’t defend the Patriot Act under Bush, I’m not a fan of it now.

I guess it comes down to who’s in charge. Republicans trusted Bush and were comfortable giving him that power. They didn’t believe he would abuse it. Dems are comfortable with giving Obama all of that power today. Personally, I’m wary of an administration that has already demonstrated a willingness to specifically target groups and individuals with opposing political ideals. And just because you think you are safe with your own party possessing that kind of power, always remember that your party won’t be in power forever. Will you still be cool with the other party having the same power? Tell you what, I bet you the founding fathers wouldn’t have trusted any party. The executive branch needs to be severely limited, regardless of who is in charge.

Back to the cartoon. I listened to Robert Mueller admit they have used drones on US citizens. But he quantified it by saying that it’s okay because they are limited by all of this oversight. And I had to laugh. Out loud. Really? Oversight. Well, shoot. It’s too bad the IRS didn’t have laws telling them they couldn’t single out certain political groups. If only they had oversight, none of this would have happened! Like the government has ever listened to their own regulations. Puh-lease. Hilarity once again.

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