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High 5 CAI Annual Show-Opening night, Friday, May 19th, 2009
The Colorado Alliance of Illustrators has partnered with Ink Lounge Gallery to put together their annual show. This year, yours truly, will exhibit my “Marketing” cartoon, as well as pieces from the latest children’s book, jointly illustrated by my talented wife Cherish Flieder. The only jury in this show are you, the enthusiastic public, so feel free to come in numbers and stuff the ballot on my behalf!

You will also enjoy the talented works of some of my other great friends, among them Stan Yan, Che Rippinger and Steve Schader.

Join Me At La Piazza Dell Arte!
This year I will be participating in the La Piazza Dell Arte on Larimer Square, June 06-07. This is a street painting festival where local artists come and create masterpieces on the street in chalks. Come, meet your local Denver artists, take in the creative atmosphere and enjoy the festivities. I look forward to seeing you.

Team PolitixCartoons

I was proud to sponsor Noah last year in his soap car derby race. Stay tuned for this year’s details.


  1. Yeah, so I bet everybody is wondering exactly WHERE Ink Lounge Gallery is. Sure, I beg you all to show up and then don’t provide directions. My bad.

    Ink Lounge Gallery is in Belmar in Lakewood. Block 07 Belmar
    445 S. Saulsbury St., Studio H
    Lakewood, CO 80226. More information on the show can be achieved by going to http://www.allianceofillustrators.org.

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