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I just wanted to drop in and say, that while I do not have a cartoon ready for your viewing enjoyment, I did want to give a little update and to keep my site current. Between hospital stays and my current work with Painting for Life (www.paintingforlife.com), I have been SWAMPED! When my plate begins to clear a bit, I’ll do a new cartoon. I have not even had the time to keep up with current events, nor have I wanted to. I am horrified by what I see on the news, and I watch helpless as I see our elected officials make decisions that will destroy freedom and democracy while granting them more power.

Just a few thoughts I have been burdened with…

What really saddens me is how ignorant many people are on how the real world operates. Ran into a guy, is in favor of school vouchers, is opposed to unions, is pro-life, and yet votes Democrat. And nothing I could say could convince him he had the wrong party. Another friend of mine, atheist by choice, did not know about America’s Christian heritage. History is boring, he always says, but then makes his decisions based upon his misconceptions of a history he does not know!

I’d like to give a lesson in economics to every graduating senior. Perhaps instead, requiring them to read Atlas Shrugged might be an easier way to get the point across. Call it balanced perspective.

I find it funny how some of those who are the first to say, “The Bible says don’t judge!” when it comes to their sexual lifestyle are the same to sit and judge the earnings of top execs and CEOs. I’m not saying that there aren’t corrupt CEOs and executives, but since when did God task us with deciding what they should earn, when and how. The last time I looked, I read, “Do not covet.”

And well meaning Christian friends tell me how socialism is God’s government of choice, because the government needs to take care of the poor, because isn’t that what Christ commanded us? Yes, when we read in Acts, we see how Peter and the church set up a communal society, from each according to his ability to each according to his need. The difference, however, was that it was a voluntary system, and even the example of Ananias and Sapphira demonstrated its failure. Socialism requires the perfectibility of mankind, and since Scripture clearly states man is fallen, it will never work without His Spirit. Capitalism works not on what man can ideally be, but on what man is now, and derives its success from there.

What is the best form of government to take care of the poor? Capitalism. Which country has the richest poor? America. There is not a country in the world that does not have poverty, however, there are so many opportunities for America’s poor that do not exist in other parts of the globe. Only out of our blessings can we bless others, how can it be otherwise? Which country has given more money, dollar for dollar, to private charity than any other nation? America. Yes, God calls us to care for the poor. But He calls us to actively participate, not to pawn it off on some government program so that we don’t have to think about it.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a always a place for government programs, but they can’t hold a candle to the effectiveness of private charity. Shouldn’t we be focusing our dollar on what works?

Final thought, just something I’ve noticed. Democrats promise big, but rarely deliver. Republicans simply don’t promise.

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