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About Hummel Heights

The adventures of two brothers abound with a humorous, light-hearted take.The setting includes two young men living under the same roof, with Jake, the elder brother, being a bit idealistic as a writer and poet-laureate-to-be. He is currently pursuing his dream as he works on his degree in college. Nick, the younger, while not versed in classic literature, still possesses a sharp wit and wide knowledge of the popular culture of the day. His high school lifestyle contrasts sharply with Jake’s lifestyle and the juxtaposition creates a light-hearted tension often found in family situations. Each has his circle of friends that mingle and occasionally collide with each other as the boys attempt to discover themselves in the larger context of society.

Hummel Heights is about the adventures and battles between two brothers, Jake, the elder and sophisticated one, verses Nick, the younger, hipper, one.